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The 2013 challenge

2012 gave PR agencies a wealth of news stories to build coverage around. Jubilee-timed sponsored events were followed by Olympic-inspired gold post boxes.

At the same time, imaginative digital Dickensian content was created and shared for the 200th anniversary of the writer’s birth.

Assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21, as predicted by the Mayans, which key events and anniversaries are forecast for 2013?

Well, not many.

So in 2013, a crucial PR challenge will be to create great narratives for clients, in order to engage the media and wider audiences, and which, perhaps, don’t rely on milestone media events.

This means so-called ‘empty 13’ could be great for getting right to the heart of a client’s beliefs about what they do and where they would like to go. It is an opportunity to generate and sell-in really creative approaches with journalists.

PR agencies will also need to continue to develop their abilities to work across platforms, integrating digital and social media into campaigns and further helping clients be ready for constant engagement with their audiences.

The increasing appetite for engagement, enabled by the evolution of personal devices, generates fantastic opportunities to build loyalty. However, the savvy audience does not just want to be sold a narrative. It wants to help write it. PR agencies need to become nimble enough to create genuinely interactive content for end users and influencers whilst continuing to plan ahead for long lead publications, broadcast and speaking opportunities.

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