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Community Spirited

Over the past year, we’ve been giving our time and ideas to a range of community organisations which help make this area such a vibrant place to live and work.

Through our ‘Community Spirit’ initiative, we provide free consultancy to help sustainable charities like person-to-person microloans charity Deki, Bristol’s first festival celebrating all aspects of green living and a national event to commemorate the centenary of green economics pioneer E F Schumacher.

Deki is an innovative Bristol charity which enables people to ‘recycle’ the money they give to charity through loans to support entrepreneurs in developing countries. We have brokered a partnership with a charitable trust resulting in a £50,000 grant, which will provide vital funding to help this young charity expand.

We worked closely with a range of environmental organisations including Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Forum for the Future to promote Bristol’s inaugural ‘Good Living Week’ in June. There are big ambitions to expand it to become the UK’s leading green festival and we’re now part of the team planning the 2012 event, which has been re-badged as Bristol’s Big Green Week.

We also supported this year’s Schumacher Centenary Festival in October, promoting the event to the Bristol community and wider environmental audiences. The festival, which was inspired by the work of the green economics pioneer E.F. Schumacher, was a major success with over 1,200 people attending the event over the weekend.

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