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How to give your app a voice in a crowded marketplace

There are few markets that are moving as fast as the world of app development so it’s a hugely exciting industry in which to be involved.

However, with excitement come crowds, and the marketplace for apps is so busy that it’s often difficult to stand out. So how can you ensure maximum impact when launching a new app?

We recently helped Magic Light Pictures launch their first ever Gruffalo app, having previously introduced them to the Forestry Commission and set up the hugely successful Gruffalo trails.

With widespread coverage providing ‘an opportunity to see’ of almost 12 million and more in the pipeline, the app reached number one in the kids and education category in Apple’s league of apps. So, what was our approach?

Tight timescales are often a challenge when launching apps; the approval process from app stores can happen at short notice with apps going live just hours later.

With this in mind, we devised a consumer PR campaign that extended beyond the launch date and reached out to bloggers as well as traditional media, while capitalising on the strength of the Gruffalo brand, which is built on one of the nation’s best-loved children’s characters.

The app features six classic children’s games for 3 to 7-year-olds. So, we decided to link the app to the beginning of the school term, when pre-school children would be learning and developing key skills.

The app proved incredibly popular with journalists and particularly with the parent bloggers, illustrating that widening your approach can be integral to success.

Barney Goodland, company manager at Magic Light, said: “The app received some fantastic coverage all of which contributed to a successful release and has continued to help maintain strong sales. Thanks once again for all of your work on the campaign.”

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