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Haynes ‘How To’s hit the nationals

For the second time this year, a new Haynes Manual has featured on MailOnline, the world’s fastest growing news website, which reaches 67m unique users a month.The Tiger Tank Manual enjoyed a huge boost in sales as a result.

The Bee Manual graced the pages of The Sun; When Cricket Was Cricket, the first book in a new series, hit the sports pages of The Daily Mirror and the NASA Space Shuttle Manual, published by Haynes this year, made the penultimate edition of The News of the World.

And on British Grand Prix day The Sunday Times featured the brand new Red Bull F1 Racing Car Manual on their dedicated F1 page.

Last but not least, our recent PR campaign for autobiography of motor racer and broadcaster Tiff Needell reached ended up reaching 18.5 million people in traditional media alone!

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