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In the Jubilee spirit

Spirit is looking forward to waving flags and singing the national anthem at a Diamond Jubilee office party, courtesy of Fosters Event Catering.

Spirit’s client Fosters are commemorating the Jubilee with a range of specially made office party picnic hampers available from 28 May.

Inside is everything a workplace needs to enjoy the event, from delicious food and drink featuring Union Jack cup cakes, to themed bunting, flags and napkins, all perfectly presented in a traditional British wicker basket.

The Jubilee hampers are the first in a series of creative concepts that we have developed with Fosters to help set them apart in this highly competitive market.

Spirit has been working with Fosters to reinvigorate their communications and develop a strong identity that reinforces their heritage and passion for food. Throughout the year we will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and this great British year with a ‘Dine like Royalty’ theme.

Full menus for the Jubilee Hampers are available from the Fosters website, www.fostersevents.co.uk.

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