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‘Marginalised’ get new media voice

The Bristol Cable, a ‘people’s media co-operative’ is launching a community action news website and monthly free print edition which aims to ‘democratise’ local media.

The group is made up of journalists, activists and academics and set up in response to what they see as the dissolution of responsible local media.

Although still at the crowd funding stage, the organisation will be funded on a community share basis and hold free workshops led by prominent journalists from the Guardian, The Independent and the Sunday Times as well as academics. The workshops will run throughout May and June to give potential citizen journalists proper training before the site and print edition launch in July.

The proliferation of local press has been evident for many years, with a number of blogs gaining mass appeal in the city, but this is the first organisation that has been purposefully created to run to counter mainstream media and be ‘wholly accountable to the readership and communities’ that they serve.

It will be very interesting to see how things develop, so we will certainly be tracking their progress via their website and Twitter profile.

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