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The one that didn’t get away!

Spirit hauled in national newspaper, broadcast and online coverage for the new series of ‘extreme angling’ programme River Monsters on ITV1, produced by Bristol-based Icon Films.

Hooking into the dramatic story of the first episode about the ‘Ball Cutter,’ a flesh-eating fish that uses its human-like teeth to sever and devour certain male body parts, we reeled in coverage in The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror, Daily Mail, and MailOnline, amongst others. This image was featured as ‘picture of the day’ on Telegraph.co.uk and also ran on Huffington Post and metro.co.uk.

Presenter Jeremy Wade has appeared on Daybreak (ITV1), Live with Gabby (Channel 5) and ITV West Country Tonight. More than 100 items of coverage have been identified so far, giving a 70-fold Return on Investment.

We’re now working on a Twitter campaign to engage with and build audiences through the series.

River Monsters is on Tuesday nights on ITV1 at 7.30pm until 21st February.

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