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Plan launched to boost Bristol’s Redcliffe & Temple Quarter

As the lead PR agency for both the Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District (BID) and the Finzels Reach development, Spirt PR was asked to help develop themes and ideas for a new BID for Bristol.

A ballot will take place in March/April to create a BID for the Redcliffe & Temple area of Bristol, home to Finzels Reach and rapidly emerging as a thriving commercial district with a growing residential community.

The Spirit team offered pro bono support to help shape and inform the BID’s business plan. A successful outcome would result in over £5m of investment for the area over the BID term.

Themes and project ideas include improving outdoor public space and sustainable transport infrastructure, boosting planting and greenery, increasing sustainability and showcasing this rapidly emerging quarter with events and marketing activity.

The new business plan is available here: www.redcliffeandtemplebid.co.uk.

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