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Raft of changes in local media scene

The last few weeks have seen a series of changes in the West’s media. Bristol’s daily newspaper has been re-branded ‘The Post’ and there is no longer a Saturday edition.

The Northcliffe group has also decided that listings magazine Venue will be published online only. Listings and reviews will continue to feature in Friday’s Post, along with the local edition of the Metro and the Bristol Observer. Folio continues as a free, monthly lifestyle magazine.

Monthly magazine South West Business has been replaced by Agenda, distributed free inside the Western Daily Press to its 30,000 circulation. The website www.southwestbusiness.co.uk is featuring business stories from across the region again.

But as some media contract, others expand. The Bristol Magazine publisher has launched a new monthly lifestyle glossy covering the West and award-winning news and features website Bristol 24-7 has just been re-designed.

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