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Spirit on a journey to sustainable commuting

Transport is one of Bristol’s biggest challenges, so in the run up to the city becoming European Green Capital next year, four travel organisations teamed up this summer to take a fresh approach to sustainable travel.

The project used an online challenge platform developed by leading UK charity Sustrans to encourage commuters in the West to swap their cars for alternative – and more sustainable – ways of getting to work.

Spirit was asked to help the partnership develop a compelling communications campaign to help bring the BIG Commuting Challenge to life.

Statistics from previous challenges told us that businesses were keen to sign up but the real challenge was getting staff to take part. We decided to inject a sense of fun and friendly competition to drive individual participation and maintain momentum throughout the challenge.

We kick-started the campaign with an eye-catching photo opportunity to get the challenge off to a great start, using an array of land and water-based modes of transport to capture media attention.

A series of ‘mini-challenges’ were promoted through the partners and social media to boost engagement, and a range of incentives and prizes created to spur people on.

We’re now in the final week and the statistics speak for themselves. Over 3,500 people have signed up, logging almost 72,000 journeys, saving £149,800 on the cost of fuel and reducing the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere by 123,000kg. Together, people have helped the BIG Commuting Challenge to become THE most successful commuter initiative in the West of England since they began in 2005!

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