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Top Tips for 2012

A new report on the State of the Media by Vocus paints an interesting picture of how media outlets are continuing to struggle but are using the web to evolve.

Website versions of newspapers are continuing to grow – with MailOnline replacing the New York Times as the world’s most read online paper – and new platforms are beginning to change the way we consume our media.

Whilst TV stations are increasingly sharing news resources, radio audiences continued to rise throughout 2011.

So how does this all affect your media strategy for 2012: Our top tips are:

•    Get to know journalists on Twitter but don’t pitch through social media – 80% prefer contact through email
•    Make it easy for the media – shrinking newrooms mean that journalists are more hard-pressed than ever
•    Content is king – they want pictures and video as well as carefully-crafted words

And finally…buy an i-pad and get used to the content you need to create for this platform as tablet-based media consumption is firmly on the rise.

For the full report, click here.

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